7 Home Buying Tips You May Not Know About

By: Irene Bilinski

7 Home Buying Tips You May Not Know About

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We don't want you to lose the home you've fallen in love with before you buy it because like most home buyers, they haven't considered the tips below. 
1.    Not checking out the neighborhood (morning, afternoon and evening & on a week-end).  The information you will gather can determine if it’s the area for you.  Talk to a few neighbors.

2.   Buying when you are not ready – ready meaning having a pre-approval for a mortgage, ready to commit, and not moving in a year or two.

3.   Not buying the right size of home – Do you really need a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home with a finished basement and triple garage? 

4.   Not selecting the right style i.e. 2-story, bungalow, split or townhouse. Open concept or traditional.

5.   Is the location ideal for you i.e.  do you prefer a bus route or a quiet side street; to you need to be close certain amenities?

6.   Once you have selected a home – have the property Inspected by a professional home inspector – no Uncle Joe will not do!

7.   Ensure that you have closing costs i.e. lawyer fees and disbursements, moving costs, etc.
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