By: Irene Bilinski

Do You Want to Sell Your Home This Summer? Read These Must Do’s.

Tags: Do You Want to Sell Your Home This Summer? Read These Must Do’s.

Pricing your home for sale is not the only thing to consider when selling your home. Sellers need to consider a few factors about preparing their home for sale too.
Here’s a list of Do’s in order to sell your home;

Curb Appeal:
Clean up the yard, rake the grass to get rid of as much tree and shrub bits that have landed there over the winter.
A new coat of paint on the shutters or garage door works wonders for curb appeal. If the weather permits, put out a few pots of flowers, you can always bring them in,(put then in the garage) at night if it’s too cold still.

Yes, we know you love your kids but their not the ones buying your home. Potential buyers don’t want to imagine you will in the home, they want to imagine themselves in the home. Remove those portraits you have and replace them with some neutral artwork. You may have a piece of art that is bold and stands out to you, but potential buyers don’t have the same taste as you. Tuck away artwork on the walls that are taking up too much wall space.

Just Clean Up:
Don’t just make your bed, fluff up the pillows. Remove pillows from your room or the kids rooms that have some of those funky sayings on them. You might find them fun, but a potential buyer may see them as offensive or cheap. Remember, it’s no longer about you, it’s about them. Get a big trash bag and go through each room and get rid of anything that you don’t want in your next home. Your home will look clean, uncluttered and it saves you one step you’ll have to do when you move anyway.
Remove all of the stuff on your kitchen counters except what’s necessary like a toaster or coffee maker. Don’t forget the fridge, remove all of the kids artwork and any magnets.

If you’re selling your home you are most likely looking for a new home too. Go to a few open houses and see the ones that appeal to you the most, chances are they are the ones that are decluttered and cleaned up. Now go back to your home and scrutinize your own home just like you would for the ones you’ve seen and liked the most.

Often it’s best to get your Real Estate Representative in to take a look, he/she knows what people expect to see in your neighbourhood. I did write an article on Revitalizing Your Home that might help you with one part of this process.

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