Energy Saving Tips That Will Save You Money (Ottawa Real Estate)

By: Irene Bilinski

Energy Saving Tips That Will Save You Money (Ottawa Real Estate)

Tags: Energy Saving Tips That Will Save You Money (Ottawa Real Estate)

As winter approaches and the days and nights lower in temperature, so do our heating and electrical bills. Reduce your bills this winter with a few easy adjustments.

Turn down the temperature of your water tank heater: By turning down the temperature of the water tank in your home by just a few degrees you can save each year on your energy bill. Plus you will protect your children from being possible scalded by hot water.

You can insulate your hot water pipes:  You can buy insulated tubing that is all ready slotted to fit around your hot water pipes. It’s inexpensive and takes only a few minutes to install.
Bonus: Halving the wait for hot water to reach upstairs faucets.

Use a Smart Strip.  There is energy still going to anything that is plugged in even if its turned off. A Smart Strip works much like a surge protector only it turns off the current completely until you’re ready to use what ever is plugged into it. When you add up all of the devices, small appliances and other house hold items that are plugged into all of your receptacles, there’s a lot of energy wasted that you’re paying for. Don’t unplug it, use a SmartStrip.

Install low flow show heads, saves you lots of money on your hot water bills.

Inspect your furnace filter every three months. Your furnace will run more efficiently which saves  you money.

These are just a few ideas to help save you money this winter on your heating bills. For more information and other ideas visit theEnergy Ontario website.

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