“Home Viewings – Someone May be Listening

By: Irene Bilinski

“Home Viewings – Someone May be Listening

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Whether the security audio device was installed previously or just installed by the home owner, It was brought to our attention that some sellers are being sneaky and using these devices to find out what buyers are saying about their houses.  So, I’ve been telling buyers to keep their thoughts to themselves and we can talk after we leave the house.
“Home Viewings – Someone May be Listening 
There is no reasonable expectation of privacy inside someone else’s home, so when you are viewing a home with your clients, be wary of audio or video surveillance devices. Save your private conversations for when you are outside the home or in your car/office. 

These devices can be used against you as a buyer. If you tell your realtor how much you love the home and want to put in in offer, the home owner may hear this and any negotiations could go against you. 

The laws right now are a bit murky on this subject, so it's best to play it safe and ask your realtor if she/he is aware of any devices or not. But, regardless, keep your comments about the home pretty neutral until you are outside of the home. You can always go  back inside to tak another look.

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