How To Adjust To The Climate Change In Canada

By: Irene Bilinski

How To Adjust To The Climate Change In Canada

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 Yes, there is climate change, it must be Mother Nature sending us a message.
In Canada, we’re experiencing some pretty wild weather swings, from super cold winters to hot and humid summer heat waves. 

Increased warming is occurring across the world, but here in Canada, on average, we have double the global rate. The climate changes are the new normal, and it continues to  risk our environment, communities and the economy.

How do we prepare for Our new weather reality?

Taking preventative measures before you need to, is the best way to reduce your risk and keep you safer. Below are a few tips that will save you valuable time if a weather alert is issued for your area.

Know What The weather alerts Mean

Environment Canada issues four different types of weather alerts, depending on how bad they feel the weather appears to be. 

  1. Warning: Severe weather is happening or will happen. This is the most urgent type of alert.
  2. Watch: The potential exists for severe weather. A Watch may be upgraded to a Warning.
  3. Advisory: Issued for less-severe weather occurrences like fog, frost, freezing drizzle or blowing snow.
  4. Special Weather Statement: Conditions are unusual, but not as urgent as the other three. 
These crazy weather changes may be our future's new normal. It's never more important to plan for your current home, but also for when you may be buying a home in the future. A good example of this is to check new flood watch area's that you may not have known about before if you are looking for water front property. 
You may want to consider adding smart home technology to a new home or buying a home with smart home features already in place or can easily be added if this is important to you.
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