How To Prepare Yourself For A Big Storm or Tornado

By: Irene Bilinski

How To Prepare Yourself For A Big Storm or Tornado

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1. Know whether your home is in a flood zone area.
If you live in a flood zone, consider investing in flood insurance. Your homeowner's policy usually won't cover damage caused by storm/tornado-related floods.

2. Make a complete list of all your possessions, including outdoor items. 
List lawn furniture, patio umbrellas, grills, tools and toys. This can help your insurance broker ensure you have enough insurance to replace any damaged items after a storm.

3. Check your gutters to be sure they are clear of leaves and other debris to prepare for storms. 
Clean gutters can prevent damage to your home during long periods of heavy rain.

4. Remove dead or damaged trees, especially those near the house. Pick up and dispose of all limbs, sticks and other debris on or near your property. Items like these can become airborne during high winds
5. Collect outdoor items from the yard and bring them inside when you hear a storm/tornado advisory. 
These will become flying projectiles in the high winds.

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