How To Price Your Home To Sell

By: Irene Bilinski

How To Price Your Home To Sell

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Price is often the determining factor for potential buyers. Location, layout and amenities are important but in the end most of us have to look at the bottom line.

Some sellers believe that if they add a healthy percentage to the price they originally paid and wait for offers to come.  After a few weeks, they will need to adjust their price to market value.

Try to put aside your partiality

The memories you have will leave with you once the house is sold and those memories are yours not the buyers.  The buyers want to create their own memories and want to see themselves in the house.  Remember that this is a business transaction, you are selling and they are buying.

Upgrades and home maintenance are important factors that will make your house easier to sell but their consideration in the selling price can be somewhat distorted.  New flooring, added deck, finished basement may increase the value but don’t expected to recoup the whole amount.

What was in 2 years ago is no longer the in thing.  Last year the popular colour was various shades of grey – now I believe is green.

Contact your real estate sales representative and have a good frank discussion about the value of your home compared to others in your neighborhood.  Contact Irene Bilinski: 613-858-1151 for a trusted real estate agent that prices your house to sell.