Don't Lose Out Buying Your Perfect Dream Home

By: Irene Bilinski

Don't Lose Out Buying Your Perfect Dream Home

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You’ve just found the perfect home and you’ve contacted the real estate agent but they are not returning your call and when they did, you’ve just found out there was an offer on the house already and you lost it. Why did this happen? Because the agent was not a full-time agent. A full time agent will be the one that takes your call faster, which means you will not miss out on your dream home.
My biggest concern about hiring a part-time agent is that often they are not always in tune with what’s going on in neighbourhoods and might not have all the facts and misinform the client.

A few years back, a client of mine decided to help out one of his employees (part-time real estate agent) and purchased a piece of vacant land.  He overpaid and 4 years later I’m trying to sell it.  Client is frustrated but there’s nothing that can be done.  Why did this happen?  The Part-time agent wasn’t in tune with the local market.

Also, when dealing with new builds in a new development –   a full time agent understands about the planning/zoning for that particular area – full agents spend hours finding out about upcoming schools, shopping, bus routes, etc.  I just advised a client interested in purchasing a 1.2 million dollar home in a certain area to look elsewhere because prices are going down and if they might wish to sell in the near future they might not recoup their money.

A full -time agent does their homework,  makes themselves available, returns your calls and knows the market. We understand that working part-time is not good enough for our clients. Check out our 
OTTAWA HOME BUYERS GUIDE, you'll find more helpful information there too. 

Old fashion customer service with modern technology at your service. Call me (Irene) if this is the kind of excellent service you would like when buying your home.
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