Protect Your Cottage from Burglary

By: Irene Bilinski

Protect Your Cottage from Burglary

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After a relaxing, fun-filled summer at the cottage it's time to get back into a routine, which means closing up the cottage for another long winter season. You are likely well aware of all the maintenance tasks that need to be tackled in order to ensure your summer home is protected from the elements during the harsh winter months, but what steps do you take to protect your cottage from intruders?

ADT Canada offers the following five tips to keeping your cottage safe from break-ins during the off-season:

1. Board up windows and safely secure all openings. Pay close attention to patio doors (use a security bar) and beef up your deadbolt and entry doors if they haven't been replaced in decades.

2. Make sure your boat is also stored in a secure and locked building. Consider adding motion-detector lighting, which may scare off unwanted visitors.

3. Remove all valuable possessions from your cottage. Prepare for the worst - do not keep jewelry, pricey electronics, family heirlooms or expensive artwork in your cottage during the off-season.

4. If you're fortunate enough to have neighbours who remain up north all year long, ask them to keep an eye on your property as well and do a closer inspection every so often.

5. If your budget allows, consider a security system. ADT estimates that a cottage protected by a security system is three times less likely to be broken into. Make sure your system has a house siren, detectors on all entry points and motion sensors in master bedroom and main living areas.

By taking a few easy steps at the end of the season, you can ensure that your cottage will be just as you left it when you return next summer!
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