Should You Add Holiday Decorations When Your Home Is For Sale: (Ottawa Real Estate News)

By: Irene Bilinski

Should You Add Holiday Decorations When Your Home Is For Sale: (Ottawa Real Estate News)

Tags: Should You Add Holiday Decorations When Your Home Is For Sale: (Ottawa Real Estate News)

If your home is up for sale during the holiday season, here are a few tips for decorating while your home is on the real estate market and still feel festive;

  1. Decorations should add a bit of a hint of the holidays – but not over power your home.  While adding a few decorations can add some holiday cheer and appeal to prospective buyers and help them too see themselves enjoying future holidays there, too many decorations can be very distracting. Remember that your home is what’s being showcased, not how festive you can really be.  When a buyer comes to take a look at your home, consider putting away anything that is overly religious, this could cause potential buyers to feel uncomfortable if they don’t share the same faith as you.
  2. If you can avoid putting your tree in front of the window, it’s best advised that you do. Showing off the natural light is important and we don’t want buyers having to crawl behind a tree to take a look at your windows.  Be careful not to have highly scented candles burning, there are a lot of people that are allergic to scents. You could use those flameless candles for holiday ambience.  Keep the temperature warm in the house, when buyers come in the home, they would like that warm and cozy feeling after being out in the cold.  And the smell of baked cookies is still a smell people love; bake some ahead of time if you’re a baker.
  3. Make sure you’ve cleaned up the walkways and yard of any fallen leaves and branches. When the snow comes, the branches can be a hidden obstacle.
  4. If you have any great pictures of your home taken in the warmer months, don’t be shy about showing then in your listing or have them on a counter in the kitchen for buyers to take a peek. It’s hard to imagine how beautiful your yard once looked in the spring and summer on a grey fall or winter day.

When you’re putting any outside decorations up for the holidays, make sure any electrical cords are tucked out of the way; you wouldn’t want anyone tripping over them. It gets so much darker earlier in the winter, make sure your walkways and driveway area is well lit up. If you have lights for the backyard, turn them on too.

Selling your home during the holidays can be a great time to have buyers want to purchase your home. It is a bit trickier to have a festive holiday while your home is on the market, but with the help of your Real Estate Rep. everyone can enjoy their home over the holidays. Don’t be shy about asking your Representative for help on how much is too much holiday cheer in your home.

Do you have concerns about selling your home during the holiday season? If so, give me (Irene Bilinski)  a call and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have.