Smart Home Devices You'll Want To Get

By: Irene Bilinski

Smart Home Devices You'll Want To Get

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Smart Plugins
Smart home automation newbies might want to start out with using a smart outlet due to their versatility. Smart outlets are great for controlling your lamps, fans, and other appliances — basically, anything that plugs into an outlet.  So it’s no surprise that that a smart
outlet is popular with most people. This one is  
CommandKit Wireless Smart Outlet With Metering

Smart Lighting: 
The smart plugin is good if you're looking to control just an outlet, but if you're looking for whole home automations, you're going to want a solution that offers you more. You will need to do some minor installation for the Lutron’s
 Caséta Wireless System.  You can control your lights, window shades and temperature from anywhere you happen to be. This system installs in minutes and works with a variety of pulb types too.

Smart Thermostat 
Ecobee3 ($249) is a great smart thermostat to buy. This thermostat  can be fullly controlled by a Siri device too. It includes smart algorithms to maximize energy savings, using Smart Recovery, which minimizes furnace run time and heats up your home based on your schedules and outside temperature.  In has a remote sensor that also allows you to control factor in the temperature in another room with a motion sensor to determine whether or not it’s occupied. 

You can find out whether you left a door or window open while you're away with the Eve Door and Window sensor. It you don't have an alarm system it would be good to know if someone has come into your home while you're away. Wouldn't it be great to know if one of the kids has left the door or a window hopen that should have been shut? 

These are just a few Smart Home devices that we have heard about. Do your research to find out which ones best suit your needs and what other people have to say about them.
Do you use any smart home devices? Which ones do you like the best?