There Are Two Ways of Buying A Home

By: Irene Bilinski

There Are Two Ways of Buying A Home

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One Of The Hard Ways As A Customer Is . . . 

The needle in the haystack approach. To find a home, buyers usually start out either looking on the internet, in the newspaper, seeing a sign, or drive around neighbourhoods they think would be ideal for them. Is anyone representing your interests as a buyer? Who represents whom? 

An Easy Way Is To Choose To Be An EXCLUSIVE BUYER With Your Own Real Estate Rep.  

Buyers will quite often simply call the Realtor who's name is on the sign or in the ad. In most cases, the Realtor you would be dealing with is the agent of the seller, and is legally obliged to get the best price and terms for their client (the seller), not you the customer (the buyer).

The salesperson is motivated to sell the buyer a property as quickly as possible. Why? Because they know that the buyer is not obligated to them and that at any moment they could lose the buyer to another Realtor.

No wonder that the more time the salesperson spends with the buyer, the more aggressive they get. That is what selling is all about. Salespeople don't get paid unless they can convince their customer to buy a particular listing.

So much the better for the salesperson if the listing is one of their own. 

Plus, You're not the only one looking at that dream home you just found. The average buyer is not normally equipped to come up against a highly trained and experienced real estate salesperson that another buying has decided to use.

You have your own loyal Realtor to represent you. When you hire your own Realtor and form a professional relationship, that Realtor can spend the time and effort necessary to truly learn and understand what your wants and needs are.
Your Realtor will be better equipped to search out properties that more closely meet your requirements, thereby saving you considerable aggravation, time and money. In addition, your Realtor is better able to advise you about any negative factors as well as the positive points of a property that you may be considering. He or she is on YOUR side! 

Every recommendation your agent provides you is to put you in the very best position and give you the best advantage. An experienced Buyers Agent, representing you, is free to advise you on the best ways to negotiate, which can save you money, and will protect and promote your interests before, during and after the transaction!! 

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Client And Not A Customer?

After hearing about all the benefits of being a Client, you would think that hiring a Buyer Agent is super expensive for all of that work they do for you. Surprise!!! A Buyer Agent works for you for FREE.  

Plus, using the services of a Buyers Agent, most buyers find that they actually save thousands of dollars in real estate costs.

Our compensation comes from the proceeds of the transaction itself, unless you choose otherwise. This means that the buyer does not bring any extra money to the closing.

The most important difference between a "customer" and a "client" is that a client receives ADVICE from a realtor!!! Realtors cannot legally give advice to a customer..this is reserved for buyers or sellers who have a contractual relationship with the Realtor.

That means only Buyer Clients can get advice on prices of homes they viewed, guidance on how to structure an offer in their own best interest, as well as many, many other questions and concerns that need to be addressed.

Being just a customer is not an advantageous position to find yourself in, is it?
So, don't be mislead by the friendly real estate salesperson driving you around showing you homes that they are automatically on your side unless you have a contract with them.
Without a written agency agreement with that salesperson, the real estate act and the law of agency obliges them to act in the best interests of the seller, not you!
This is a perfect example of that phrase you've heard often, "Let the Buyer Be Aware"!
Before you become a CUSTOMER, have a chat with Irene Bilinski first and discover the advantages of working with a well seasoned Real Estate Professional can do for you.  You can reach Irene on her cell 613-858-1151.