By: Irene Bilinski

Tips For Choosing The Ideal Condo Apartment

Tags: Tips For Choosing The Ideal Condo Apartment

The Location of the Apartment
Irrespective of the design of the building you are considering to purchase, the most important thing you need to take into account is location. When purchasing any property, check to see if the property is located close to transportation facilities and availability of parking. You should know how far away the unit is from the main arterial roads.. You should also check to see if the apartment has good access to such facilities as parks, restaurants and shopping centers.

Common Walls
Choose an apartment that has as few shared walls as possible. This is why most people prefer to stay on the upper floor or an end unit. You will not have to put up with loud footsteps at odd hours of the night, because no one is living on top of your apartment. Moreover, you will probably be able to see the neighborhood better if you live on the top floor.

Position of the Apartment
After selecting a good location and you find an apartment that is on the top floor, it is also important that you consider access to the apartment. Living on the upper floor of a high rise building, which has no elevators can be an issue when hauling groceries, etc. – great for exercise.
Good Views
When purchasing a unit, ensure that the view is appealing.  You don’t want to look out your balcony or bedroom window and see the side of another concrete building. Select one with excellent view or at least a pleasant view because if and when you decide to sell, that would add value.

Height of the Building
Does the height of a building matter to you? Consider if you have children or a pet, is it necessary that the building have an elevator. Some low rise buildings may not have an elevator and if you have children, carrying their gear and strollers down even a few flights may be difficult. If you have challenges that prevent you from using stairs on a regular basis, consider how that effects your daily life. In a high rise with an elevator, are the views more important than how fast you can get out to your car on on the street?

Laundry Services
Do you need to have the ability to have your own washer and drying in your unit? Most buildings come with a laundry area way down in the basement. Some have it available on each floor and then there are some that will allow you to put in your own washer and dryer. Which of these solutions are you willing to compromise on or not?

As you can see there a quite a few things to consider when purchasing an apartment/condo that effect how your daily life works. When it’s time for you to consider buying an apartment/condo even if you buy directly from the builder, its a good idea to speak with a Real Estate representative, we work for you so you are completely happy with your choice of a new home.

Happy Shopping!