Tips So Buyers Will Love Your Home

By: Irene Bilinski

Tips So Buyers Will Love Your Home

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If you've ever bought a used car from a car dealership you'll notice that any used car they sell has been given a lot of TLC. The reason they do this is so they can attract buyers and get the best price for that vehicle. We believe we are getting a well maintained car because of how nice it looks in the lot.  As a homeowner, you want to make the best impression on home buyers when they come to view your home just like the people who sell used cars.  Here some tips that will help attract more buyers and buyers that will want to buy your home. 

You'll have to start packing soon anyway, so why not start now. Pack away those little memento's and the toys your kids aren't playing with on a regular basis. Don't forget your own closet. I'm sure you have some seasonal clothes that can be boxed up. Do you really need those trophies and family pictures everywhere right now? Those are considered personal items and potential buyers want to see themselves in that space not you when they come. It's hard to imagine yourself in a bedroom when all you see are family pics.

This is a good time to remove or move around smaller pieces of furniture. Too much is too much. Try to keep the basic pieces. Potential clients will feel the space is larger and how easy it is to get around the home. 

We all know by now that the kitchen is a vital part of the sale of your home. Does your kitchen need a little attention. It doesn't always have to cost the big bucks to make your kitchen feel more current. 
Do you have outdated cabinets? You don't always have to replace them. You can save lots of money by painting them. Most cabinets can be painted. With some paint (white is popular) and some new hardware, your kitchen can look new again. You can do a quick search online for tutorials on how to paint your cabinets or you can hire a painter to do this. It all depends on your budget.
Take a good look at your counter. Do you need all of those small appliances every day? Put some away in the cupboard. Do a clean sweep of all the little nicky nack things you have on there. Much as you love your kids artwork, take them down from the walls and fridge. Buyers want to see the fridge and how it looks in the space, not your child's beautiful art work. 

Interior Paint
When a Buyer walks into your home, you want them to feel that they can see themselves already living there. By painting out the loud or bright colours to more neutral tones, it won't matter what their style is, they can see their belongings in that space. It's hard to vision yourself in a home where the walls are the distraction and not the highlight. You can never go wrong with soft earth tone colours. Don't forget to check the trim and baseboards while you're at it. Once you paint a wall those can make the new paint job look not so new anymore. 

Your Windows
Replacing blinds for every window in your home can get expensive. Take a close look at each blind and check it they are broken and need replaceing or they just need a good cleaning. Don't forget to open them up before you show your home. Let potential buyers see how much natural light comes into that room. This goes for drapes too.  While you're at it, why not give your windows a good cleaning inside and out. Let all the light in. 

A few more quick tips:

Re-seal a tired looking driveway, it can be a DIY project and depending on the size of your driveway it can cost less than $200.00.
Your Yard: Give it a good cutting, raking and weeding before a potential buyers comes by. Curb appeal. You've heard that before haven't you. We don't want them to do just a drive by because your yard looks a mess, we want them to come inside. 
Check the outside of your home: Touch up any chipped paint or seal any tiny cracks. Staining a deck can make it look from old, tired and may need replacing to brand new again. Take a look at the down spouts outside of your house, make sure they are fastened properly and they are working properly. If you need extensions so the water drains away from the house, replace them if they are cracked or add them if you don't have any. 
Sometimes, you're just not sure if you should be sprucing up or needing a reno job done in your home in order to get the right buyers. This is where our experience helps you as a home seller. Give us a call at 613-858-1151 and lets talk about how to get your home ready to attract the right buyers. You want your home to go from selling to sold and move on to your next big adventure.