We All Wonder What Our Home Is Worth Now

By: Irene Bilinski

We All Wonder What Our Home Is Worth Now

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Well hopefully it’s worth more than you paid for it!  If you maintained your home, did necessary updates, added a bit of BLING, the annual appreciation should have increased the value by about, on average, 3-5% per year depending on whether you are a City Dweller, a Country Resident or an Apartment Occupant.

After you have resided in your home for a few years, have your real estate agent/representative provide you with a comparative market evaluation of your property.  This will give you an idea of the appreciation over the years.
If you intend to remain in your home for the next 100 years the sale price won’t be as important to you compared to someone that wishes to sell in a few years.  Not all homes are worth the same there are many factors to take into consideration before a number can be provided.  The main factors are location, condition and supply and demand.
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