Consider Your Lifestyle When Buying A Home

You’ve decided to buy a home and you’ve determined how much you can afford. The next questions is “Where”? You’ve probably heard the saying, “location, location, location”. Indeed, the location in which you choose to buy a home will affect the market value of your property. You want to choose a neighborhood where you property will increase in value – not one that will drag the value of your home down.

However, another factor you want to carefully consider is your lifestyle. Proximity to your job, access to recreational and cultural centers and services, the character of your neighborhood and who your neighbors are will greatly affect the way you live.

Why you need to consider your lifestyle when buying a home:

Does Rush Hour Traffic Stress You Out?

A main consideration for most people when choosing a location is the proximity to their job. Determine the maximum amount of time you are willing to spend getting to and from work and how you plan to get there.

Determine if you will need to buy a car or a second car as a result of the move. Will you be able to cover the additional cost for gas, parking, insurance and maintenance? Are you near transportation routes? 

Consider Marital Status and Hobbies

Your marital status will also affect the neighborhood in which you choose to live. If you are single and interested in meeting people, you might want to choose an area with a variety of activities going on such as near a college or in the core of the city.

For families, education is important and you should consider the quality of the community’s school system. Also consider if your children will be able to walk to school or if they will have to take the bus.

Assess the condition of the street paving in the area and ensure there is adequate street lighting. Are there hospitals or clinics nearby? If you are a young married couple planning to have kids you will need to consider these factors too, including proximity to day care centers and to family and relatives.

If you are searching for peace and quiet you don’t want to live too close to the highway, railway tracks, airport, gas stations or garages. Your real estate representative should be able to provide you with information on the various neighborhoods you are considering and about the neighbors as well.

If you like sports in general you will want to know if there are parks and gyms in the area. Perhaps you would like to have a seniors center within walking distance.

It is important to do a little investigating before moving in. Drive by the property you are considering a couple of times at different times of the day to see the activity.

Layout of the Home Should Reflect Lifestyle

When choosing a home, consider the functional arrangement of the interior spaces as it should reflect your lifestyle as well. For example if you are handy with tools and like to build things, you may need a house with an extra room in the basement. If you like to entertain you may require a more open concept. Or, maybe you enjoy curling up by the fireplace with a good book after dinner. If so, is there an area separate from the television watching room to which you can retreat?

If an extra room adds considerably to what you can afford, don’t despair. Look for a smaller house and think about how you can arrange the rooms for multiple purposes. Can you use a bedroom or the dining room as a sewing room? Use your imagination or browse through some home decorating and renovation magazines which offer lots of ideas for small spaces.

If you enjoy outdoor living, you will desire a home with a large yard and one with direct access to your lawn or patio such as through the kitchen, dining room and even the bedroom.

Ask your real estate representative if the neighboring areas are zoned for residential use only. Are there any major public projects proposed for the area in the future?

Get the Most out of your Community

Keep in mind that a house costs about the same to build anywhere, but the value of your property depends on that all-important location. Ideally, you want to find a modest, median priced house in a desirable, well-maintained neighborhood with public transportation, schools, shopping and recreation nearby.

The ideal community will also offer its residents maximum municipal services including libraries, police and fire protection at a minimal tax cost.

When deciding where you want to live, your job and what you can afford will likely be the determining factors, but you also want to think about your lifestyle and needs because when you buy a home you also buy what the community has to offer. You want to get the most you can out of your community.

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