Using a Real Estate Sales Representative

Should You Use a Real Estate Sales Representative to Sell Your Home?       
This question has come up for many people thinking of selling their house. Does the commission paid to a Real Estate Sales Representative seem like a loss of profit?

Here are some factors to keep in mind when thinking about using a Real Estate Sales Representative to sell your house :
  1. Listing your house on MLS – Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is reserved for the use of licensed real estate brokers and their sales representatives.
  2. Safety – Do you really know who’s in your home? A Professional Real Estate Sales Representative tracks who goes through your home and when. A lockbox is installed so that only Real Estate Sales Representatives who register through the Listing Brokerage Office have access to the entry code.
  3. Setting your price too LOW – Market conditions can change daily. Without the proper comparable sales that a Professional Real Estate Sales Representative has access to it is very difficult to determine a market value. You could miss out on thousands of dollars of profit by setting the price too low.
  4. Setting your price too HIGH – Almost all sellers fall into the trap of thinking their house is worth more than anyone else’s. Overpricing will limit potential buyers and may cause you to miss out on the critical first three weeks. When a house sits on the market for too long, buyers start to wonder what is wrong with it.
  5. Getting the Facts – A Professional Real Estate Sales Representative is going to give you facts and comparable sales to help you make an educated decision, not an emotional one.
  6. Financing – How do you know whoever has purchased your house will be there on closing day with the money? A Professional Real Estate Sales Representative pre-qualifies the buyer and works closely with a mortgage broker to eliminate this risk.
  7. Building inspection – The buyer has the property inspected – The inspector has concerns and is scaring the buyer away. Consequently, the buyer wants a price adjustment. You disagree, believing there is nothing wrong with your property. Who will smooth this over and save the sale?
  8. Legal contract – You are dealing with your largest investment, usually hundreds of thousands of dollars.   The average sale price of a home is over $350K.  Professional Real Estate Sales Representatives are required by law to keep abreast of all  legal changes. Why make a mistake that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars?

I look forward to working with you and building a long successful partnership.

"While most people know that using a REALTOR® is the most important decision you can make when buying or selling, not many people know all of the ways a REALTOR® can help you avoid problems and complications you'll have to live with for a long time.
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