Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Cliff and Donna

We want to thank Irene and all those in her office for all they did to make this experience as easy and as quick as possible. Shes is very informed about the process of selling, in this particular case.

By: Mary

Irene Bilinski is truly an amazing real estate agent. She was so professional from the first time that we met to putting the house on the market and to selling it so quickly. Thank you so much Irene; you are the best.

By: Ross Skirda

Ms. Irene Bulinski is, in my opinion, nothing short of the most elite, productive and successful real estate agents I have had the great honour of entrusting with my families’ housing needs over the course of many years and multiple home sales and purchases. She always listens actively to our wishes and needs and underscores those very specific housing mandates we wish for her to seek out on our behalf. She always comes away from our meetings with an accurate mirror image of our housing needs and preferences. Not only did she recall our housing tastes and specifications during the course of each of our home sales and purchases during each process independently but she demonstrated an outstanding, innate capacity to reproduce a keen understanding of our specific tastes and preferences over the course of multiple housing transactions (over 6) spanning upwards or n excess of 15 years. Irene is always thorough, honest, detailed oriented, comforting, reassuring and always available to provide us with support and validation during what is generally widely accepted to be one of life’s most agonizing and stressful endeavours. Irene always took the time to keep us appraised and educated on the entire real estate process from start to completion. She kept us inspired, engaged and positive even during some of the very typical frustrations which in typical fashion can surround both the real estate purchase and sales pppprotocols. Irene’s professionalism, skill and unwavering positivity and thoroughness are gifts she possesses that I have never seen replicated over the course of my many real estate forays spanning multiple deals over a significant numbers of years. My confidence in Irene’s elite skill set guarantees that she is my lifelong, real estate beacon. My experience with Irene Bilinski’s professional gifts have provided me with ample empirical/objective evidence, constantly reminding me how I have been regularly rewarded and humbled over multiple successful years. In my books, Irene has long ago reached real estate tenure with us. If you are considering retaining the real estate services of somebody other than Irene, I regret to hypothesize that you are simply delaying your road to real estate success because once you come around and reach out to Irene, you’ll immediately have a sense of confidence knowing you are now being supported by an individual who is truly at the pinnacle of her field. I refuse to ever consider anybody else. Why mess with success????? Thank you for everything Irene!

By: Dominique Grand’Maison/Jacques Roy

I contacted Irene Bilinski to assist me with getting a Real Estate agent in New Brunswick to help me sell an Estate property. She found a sales rep Ginette Bujold in my home town that listed the house and sold it within 4 weeks of the listing. Lot’s of hard work and showing in December and January which is not the best time of the year to sell a house. It was quick and re-assuring sale. Good experience. Highly recommended. I have sold two houses and purchased one with Irene. I highly recommend. Nothing but professional services. Thanks Much again.

By: Lisa

Irene and her team were a pleasure to work with. This was my third time working with Irene (buying & selling) and each time her experience, knowledge and patience were appreciated. I would recommend her over and over. One other thing about Irene is that once the transaction is completed she still keeps in touch. Thank you again !!

By: Louise LM

To a Realtor par Excellence, Irene Bilinski. Her attention to detail is exceptional and she makes selling/renting properties easy. Thank you for your expertise and quick action, Irene! Much appreciated.

By: Donna & Pierre

Irene is thoughtful and very generous with her time. Experienced and knowledgeable. Takes her time to insure that you understand everything. But probably the best is that once you buy your house she still keeps in touch with you.

By: Jean Hogan

Thanks to Irene and her team, my Mother's condo was sold in 4 days! Wow. They made the process painless, and offered such professionalism throughout! Great folks to deal with!

By: Sharon, Terry, Gillian

Thank you so much Irene for the work you did on selling our parents home & for the gift card you sent. What a lovely gesture & very appreciated. It was nice to have your calm support through the process. You made it easy (when I lived so far away and with me being a control freak), I found it easy to let that go as you guided us through the process. We are all grateful.

By: Jennifer & Patrick

I have been extremely blessed with the assistance, service and help that I have received from Irene in finding new homes, and selling homes over many years. I never hesitated to refer her to friends and associates. I knew I could always count on Irene to go above and beyond any services required. Thank you Irene for your amazing and truly helpful service and friendship

By: Stephanie

Irene was an amazing help to our family. She kept in contact with us for months as we prepared for the move and was always happy to answer our questions. Her helpful, honest, funny, and always kind demeanor made the experience of moving so much more enjoyable than we were expecting it to be. Thank you Irene!

By: Sherilyn

I will not hesitate in recommending Irene Bilinski’s services to others and will certainly approach her again should I need a real estate agent in Ottawa. It was certainly a relief to have the condo sell especially during that time of the year. Irene and her team (shout out to Christine) were professional, friendly and very helpful with everything from staging to my questions. Actually, they did all the work … thank you!

By: Norma, Bill & Jessica

We would like to sincerely thank Irene for her expertise, guidance and professionalism throughout the sale process. The listing document Irene prepared included accurate descriptive information and revealing photos that enhanced the listing. Irene kept us informed of the scheduled showings and provided timely feedback on potential client’s comments after each showing and made sound recommendations related to negotiations with the client’s Offer to Purchase. We truly appreciated Irene's in-depth knowledge and experience of the Real Estate business coupled with her high level of dedication, personnel touch and passion as a realtor all of which distinguish Irene as a top-notch agent. Sincere thanks to the Irene Bilinski team, especially to her assistnat for her efficiency and devotion to her work. Irene, we will definitely recommend you to our friends and acquaintances as an outstanding Realtor Agent.

By: Grace

I can’t thank Irene Bilinski and her sales team enough! What a relief it was to have the sale of my home go so smoothly, and especially in these « unprecedented » times. From the initial staging until the final closing handled by the unflappable Irene Bilinski & her team, the entire process went off without a hitch!

By: Leanne & Simon

We are very grateful that Irene was our realtor. During house tours when we were searching for our new home, she was honest with her opinion, but also gave us space to make decisions on our own. It was also helpful when her husband was with us for a bunch of tours because of his knowledge in construction and renovation. Irene was compassionate when our offers fell through, but was constantly fighting for us to get the best house for us. She listened to us and picked up what we were looking for, even when we were not so sure ourselves! We ended up getting a beautiful home that is bigger and better than we could ever imagine buying, but it was within our price point, in an area that was even more convenient than our previous list of “ideal” neighbourhoods, and met our needs exactly. Selling was quite a whirlwind, as the previous owners of the new house wanted a short closing date. So thanks to Irene and the amazing help of her assistant (and our friend) Christine, we were able to get our townhouse ready for showing in a few days. Moreover, we got a price for the house that was higher than we thought we would get, at the closing date that we wanted. Even after all the transactions were closed and we were moved in, Irene was caring and made sure we were settled and doing all right and offered to help us in whatever way she could. We highly recommend Irene as a realtor.

By: Ben & Debbie

For almost 20 years, Irene assisted our family, friends and neighbors in closing numerous transactions! Irene's experience, hard work, dedication and winning team ALWAYS get results. When buying or selling real estate, Irene is our family's ONLY choice.

By: Gary & Myrna

We would like to take this opportunity to compliment and thank Irene for the excellent role she played in helping us find our new home in Ottawa. Her knowledge of the market and patience in finding a perfect location and property were very much appreciated. We would certainly recommend Irene to any prospective sellers or buyers for the Ottawa and area market.

By: Liisa

I was very satisfied with my experience with Irene Bilinski. She was knowledgeable, efficient and very patient. What I appreciated most was that Irene did not pressure me in any particular direction. Instead, she pointed out positives and some negatives related to each property, thus assisting me to make the decision that best suited my situation. Irene and her team ably supported and guided me in all steps of my purchase in a city that was unknown to me.

By: Diane & Bob

Last year, when we were looking to purchase a Condo in Ottawa, we were referred to Irene Bilinski from ReMax / Hallmark. While we were dealing with Irene, my wife and I have found her to be very professional, well informed, and especially to be a trustworthy person. Looking back in time, we are still impressed with the level of service that we received from her. We have already recommended her to a family-member and we will continue to do so with others.

By: Caroline & Mathieu

First time home buyers, our experience with Irene surpassed our home buying expectations. She guided us through every step with calm and confidence. No pressure, great listening to our needs and interests. We ended up confidently and successfully purchasing our first home with no hiccups. Her experience and understanding of the market made a normally stressful process, go smoothly.

By: Leslie & Jeff

I want to thank our Realtor Irene Bilinski. We moved in 14 months ago and every now and then we get little surprises in the mail or on our door step. This week I found a bottle of Maple syrup wrapped up in a nice Read and White scarf with Maple Leafs. Thank you again Irene Bilinski for the great work in finding us this house....in about 2 years time we may be heading out again.

By: Carolyn and Mike

Irene Bilinski and her team have been so wonderful. We were complicated buyers because we were trying to purchase while still living abroad in the UK. We had a very long list of 'uncertainties' such as our timeline, our sale of the UK property, our arrival date, and the list goes on. But Irene took us on without reservation and we have never looked back! She has responded to each of our (innumerable) queries in an efficient manner and has helped us to 'narrow' our search for a home even without us being physically present in Ottawa! Nevertheless, when she did meet us in person on a few occasions, she happily brought us from place to place and she was always very helpful, well prepared, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about various locations and schools. Over time, we got to know Irene very, very well and she also got to know our family's needs and wishlist. We finally managed to buy our dream home for our family of six and she made the process as seamless as she possibly could! We are ever so grateful to have met Irene and we continue to keep in touch because she is such a warm, approachable and helpful friend! I would definitely recommend Irene and her team. Thank you for everything!

By: Philippe & Dominique

The Mackay family has been living in Convent Glen Orleans for the past 23 years. When it came time to downsize from our 4 bedroom home, we chose Irene Bilinski initially because of her understanding that we needed time to explore housing options without any pressure before making any firm decisions. Irene sent us real estate listings according to our specifications and toured the house to offer ways of preparing the house for sale. After several months, we found our future lodgings, made the suggested upgrades and called Irene with confidence. The process for putting the house on the market was quick, painless and professional. We were extremely impressed with the services of Irene and the Bilinski team, including team administrator, stager, photographer and reception staff. We quickly realized and appreciated that it truly took a dedicated and professional team to help us navigate the complex process of selling our home. Our house sold in less than 24 hours, and we received several serious offers. Irene's expertise was invaluable when reviewing the offers. From start to finish, it was Irene Bilinski's competence that impressed us the most. We wholeheartedly recommend her services.

By: Nathan & Nancy

The Bar has been raised! The Irene Bilinski Team is the best. Efficient, Professional, Courteous, above and beyond. We have moved across Canada through our work, and Irene Bilinski is, hands down, the best realtor we have found. Irene knows her stuff, has all the right contacts, and along with the rest of her team… as we said above “the bar has been raised”. We wish she could follow us back across the country now to help out on our next moves. Thanks Irene!

By: Mona and Danny

It is just is not the same without a little Irene in anyone’s day! We received your gift yesterday, first off, a very big "Thank You!" from both of us. It was not necessary, working with you was a pleasure. We enjoyed the “Irene experience.” Your way of doing business is to be admired. It is so stressful to sell and purchase a home but you managed to make it fun. Both Danny and I will be letting everyone we know how professional and ethical you are, we will both ensure that your business cards are passed on and will send as much business your way as we possibly can. Again, a very sincere and heartfelt "Thank You" for being the great lady you are as well as all your help, advice and support for the sale of our home and the purchase of our dream home. Thank you for everything dear lady!

By: Ghislaine & Hugette

Nous avons apprécié le professionnalisme de Irene et son équipe, sa patience, sa compréhension et sa disponibilité pendant tout le processus de la vente de notre maison.

By: Lise & Michel

We had a unique property in Rothwell Heights and we knew we needed the right buyers. Irene Bilinski, her great team along with her extensive network found the perfect people for our lovely, contemporary home. We were downsizing and the next step was to find a condo to suit our lifestyle. At the outset, that seems pretty easy but when you look at the buildings, the assessements, condo fees, amenities taxes (and each building is different) and near misses (health issues inside old highrises), then you really need someone who knows the ropes. However - and this is what makes Irene brilliant - it's not just selling one home and buying another, it's the aftermath that showcases Irene's dedication to getting the job done. When we had questions, she found the answers. We had a schedule to maintain and Irene accommodated us. When she saw something we missed, she pointed it out right away. On our part: total satisfaction, met and exceeded all expectations. We recommend Irene. Period. And she's welcome to give out our name and number for references. Kudos to your and your team, Irene, we are very happy to add this to your awesome testimonials.

By: Lucienne & Jean-Guy

Bravo Irene! Tu es "formidable!" Nous t'admirons. Merci Beaucoup! We thank the Irene Bilinski Team for your excellent service & dedication! Irene, you gave us confidence and always encouraged us to be patient. You are such a professional & caring person! We would highly recommend you and your team, and would not hesitate to call you for future services. We were very satisfied. You are "special" Thanks!

By: Sylvie & Guy

It was absolutely a great experience to have had Irene work with us to sell our home. Her approach, patience, good advice, and dedication were truly appreciated throughout the whole process. We also appreciated our calls and emails being answered or returned promptly, her punctuality, follow-up calls after showings, etc. I would not hesitate to recommend Irene for her excellent work. Thanks Irene!

By: Rodger & Diane

My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Irene for guiding us through the entire process, she understood what we were looking for. Even after a few failed septic issues she stayed positive and always had a smile for us. We both felt very comfortable working with Irene, when we had questions or concers Irene provided sound advice, good judgement & a professional approach to each and every detail. From the water treatment system, septic inspections, home inspection, furnace repair, all throughout Irene assembled a strong team of people who more than exceeded our expectations. Big Hugs!

By: Julie

I would highly recommend Irene and her team. Irene is extremely knowledgeable and honest. A relationship of trust was established right from the beginning. Through the process of selling & buying, she was available to answer questions and took the stress out of the situation. You always feel like you are her number 1 client! Her patience and sense of humour were appreciated. Because of Irene, the whole process was smooth and fun! Thanks Irene!

By: Gisele

Un excellent service! Très humaine et attentive. Je ne pouvais pas demander mieux. Bravo Irene!

By: Ricahrd & Saree

I had interviewed 2 other agents. Their suggesteed asking price was $7000 below the sale price that Irene obtained. The sale took 10 weeks in a very slow market. What more could a vendor ask? I thouroughly recommend Irene!

By: Elaine

Hi Irene, Thanks so much for the bottle of wine - red is my favourite! The new place is so peaceful, so green and the fresh air. Because I'm on a corner, there is a cross breeze right through the condo. When I turn off the lights at night, it's so dark out, sort of like being right out in the country. The energy here is so positive - so different from the inner city. I know I can start painting again. I was in a creative slump living where I was before, but the beautiful surroundings are inspiring

By: Adele & Christian

We Truly Appreciated Irene’s Professionalism, patience, understanding and availability during the sale of & purchase of our homes. She has a wonderful team working with her, and provided expert advice through every step of the process. We couldn't have done it without her!

By: Sandra

Dear Irene This note is long overdue but I wanted to thank you for the time you put in making the sale of our property happen. It was stressful at times but nonetheless the end result was achieved. It is nice to have time to rest and enjoy family and friends and also reflect on the next step in my journey. Wishing you all the best.

By: Gerry & Joan

A Comfortable Experience. We enjoyed working with Irene! She’s polite, personable, professional, patient and well informed. We would not hesitate to use or refer her services. Thank you!!

By: Ann

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!

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